Diversio is our strategy for SuperTrader plateform

How does it work?
  • We choose the best three strategies from the ones available in Super Trader
  • We provide you with our tested configuration to achieve the best performance with the lowest risk
  • Our system is dynamic: if at some point a strategy is doing better than one of the three strategies selected for your portfolio, it will replace it
    That way you will always be sure to get the highest return on your investment with the lowest risk
    Here are some of the parameters we use to select the best strategies:
    • Maximum DrawDown
    • Number of running days
    • Daily performance
    • Risk-Adjusted Return
    • Portfolio allocation on 01 August 2016:

      30% of Alchemist / 30% of Stability Trading / 40% of Midnight Star
      Initial portfolio investment: 10 000 EUR   august
      Portfolio performance on 01 December 2016: +1.752%   Capture01122016
      Portfolio performance on 31 December 2016: +3.10%