Introducing an innovation that is set to change the way people trade.

How FxPro SuperTrader Works for Investors.

Whether you are new to Forex, an experienced trader, or someone looking for investment opportunities other than manual trading, FxPro SuperTrader is for you.

FxPro SuperTrader is an investment platform that brings investors and leaders together. Investors have the capital, and leaders have the expertise to develop profitable strategies. It’s that simple.

We have developed tools that empower you as a retail trader to invest like a fund manager. With FxPro SuperTrader you do not need to worry about the pip-movement of every single open position. In fact you do not need to concern yourself with trading at all. You can leave the business of opening and closing positions to those with a proven track record, and focus on identifying investment opportunities and applying your own risk management parameters to them.

Tried and Tested Strategies

FxPro SuperTrader provides you with a list of proven strategies from FxPro SuperTrader leaders. These leaders have gone through a stringent review process before being allowed to provide you with their strategies. In fact even after being approved, the performance of every strategy available to FxPro SuperTrader investors is being monitored for consistency of performance and continued observation of FxPro’s risk management guidelines.


FxPro SuperTrader investors can place strategies on a watch list or copy them in their portfolio. A strategy can be made active simply by copying it, deciding how much capital to allocate, and defining certain risk management controls. When this is done trades will automatically be placed according to the parameters of the strategy in question.

In this way you as an investor can benefit from the expertise of others, and work to build a portfolio of consistently profitable strategies. Beyond your own risk management style all strategies are obliged to operate within certain guidelines that our Business Development team have set to further protect investors. Strategies are closely monitored, if they are consistently unprofitable, or repeatedly fail to comply with FxPro’s guidelines; they will be removed from the platform.

Leaders Make the Trades. You are in Control.

With FxPro SuperTrader you are in the driver’s seat. The only thing that has changed is that market entry and exit is taken care of by a leader’s strategy. In this way you can be your own FX portfolio manager, safe in the knowledge that the actual business of trading is being taken care of by professionals.

  • You determine the strategies you want to invest in.
  • You decide on how much capital to invest.
  • You select the risk management style.
  • You can close an individual strategy, or your entire portfolio, whenever you want.

We Provide the Data. You Act On It.

FxPro SuperTrader has been designed and built from the ground up with complete transparency in mind. All FxPro SuperTrader users, whether they are investors or leaders, have access to the same powerful analytics. This is the great strength of the platform. Within a simple and intuitive interface users can take advantage of highly detailed performance data. Investors can identify investment opportunities, and leaders can monitor how effective their strategies are compared to those of other leaders.

FxPro SuperTrader provides you with Intraday, 7 days, 30 days and yearly performance statistics for individual strategies and entire portfolios. Both investors and leaders can view a strategy’s rating, maximum draw down and average weekly return. In addition to this, full trade histories are available for each strategy, allowing investors to browse every trade that a strategy has generated before deciding to copy it.


A big advantage that FxPro SuperTrader has is that the performance data we provide you with is based on live trading with real money. No demo or back-test data makes it onto FxPro SuperTrader. Every strategy on our platform has had to undergo at least 30 days of live trading with the leader’s own capital. Every leader is required put their money where their mouth is before ever being allowed onto the FxPro SuperTrader platform.

Our Agency Model is at the Core

FxPro has invested heavily in becoming a 100% Agency Model FX broker, and FxPro SuperTrader has been developed to be fully compatible with this vision. Even though the trades are made on your behalf, you can be certain that each and every position taken with your capital is placed without any intervention from a dealing desk. FxPro is merely the agent between you and the interbank network, we provide the trading infrastructure, the platform, and the data; you do the rest.

Benefits for Investors:

  • As an investor you have access to a constantly growing database of tried and tested strategies developed by leaders. These providers have been thoroughly vetted by us before being approved. Even after they are approved, their performance is constantly monitored. Any strategy whose performance is shown to be inconsistent, or in violation of our own risk management guidelines, will be removed from the platform. In this way you can rest-assured that only the best strategies make it to FxPro SuperTrader, and only the very best remain there.
  • You as an investor have access to detailed statistics on every single strategy that appears on FxPro SuperTrader. You can view detailed charts at daily, weekly, monthly and yearly durations. You can also see how highly a strategy has been rated, its maximum drawdown and average weekly return.
  • Over and above all this, you can also fine-tune the risk controls of the strategies you place in your portfolio. So even though you are invested in strategies which do not require you to trade manually, you are still fully in control of your risk management. You set the amount of capital to allocate to each strategy, the maximum loss percentage you are prepared to accept, as well as a trailing equity percentage stop. These powerful risk management controls put you in control without having to worry about the minutiae of each and every open position.

Advanced asset management has finally come to retail trading; FxPro puts you in the driver’s seat.

Risk Warning: Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss.