Calling all strategy developers, signal providers, trading gurus.

How FxPro SuperTrader Works for Leaders.

If you are an experienced trader, a developer of winning strategies, or a provider of profitable signals, FxPro has developed something you will want to be a part of. FxPro SuperTrader is the latest addition to our growing set of advanced trading tools. It’s a platform that unites two types of individuals who, up until now, seem to have been consistently missing each other. Those with the strategies, and those with the funds to invest.   One of the reasons for this is that there are now so many signal services, paid strategy subscriptions and mirror trading platforms that investors don’t know where to begin searching, or who to trust. We know that there are experienced traders out there, both manual and algorithmic, who have been able to make consistent profits. After all, we have a database of more than 200,000 clients to prove it. If you are one of these individuals we are inviting you to put your strategies to the test and become an FxPro SuperTrader leader.

Do Your Strategies Have What it Takes?

As a leader your strategies will be available to all FxPro SuperTrader investors. Their inner workings will of course remain your own closely guarded secret, but the way each one performs will be there for everyone, both investors and other leaders, to see. st-img3 Becoming a leader on FxPro SuperTrader requires you to undergo a stringent review process in which you and each of your strategies are vetted by FxPro’s Business Development team before you are allowed to load anything onto our platform. You will be required to fill in our Due Diligence Questionnaire, and to test your strategy in a live trading environment for a period of at least 30 days with your own capital. The strategy will not be made visible to prospective investors until it passes this live test and until you have undergone an interview with our team. This procedure is beneficial to everyone concerned. Investors are guaranteed that every strategy which makes the grade has been properly tested, and has a proven track record of success. Even though you are required to undergo a stricter review process, you benefit by earning commissions and performance fees from one of the deepest client bases in the industry, as well as being given the opportunity to build your reputation as a leader on the most competitive platform on the market.

What Happens When Your Strategy Goes Live.

Once it is fully approved your strategy will become available to the FxPro SuperTrader community. When this takes place its performance data will begin to reflect how profitable it is for the investors who have copied it into their portfolios. In order for it to remain on the platform it will need to carry on performing consistently and be in compliance with FxPro’s risk management guidelines. When it goes live your strategy will begin earning you money. FxPro SuperTrader pays leaders $5 USD for every million USD traded by the investors following your strategy. Over and above this you will also receive a 5% performance fee based on the profits your strategy’s followers have made.

Benefits for Leaders:

  • As a strategy leader you have access to FxPro’s base of over 200,000 clients and advanced trading infrastructure. If you are approved as a leader you will never have to worry about attracting investors again.
  • FxPro SuperTrader provides you with detailed analytics. You can find out exactly how your strategies are performing against those of other leaders. You can also track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance statistics for individual strategies, and entire portfolios. In addition to this you will always know how many people are watching your strategies, how many are invested in them, as well as the week over week change.
  • Your commissions and performance fees grow depending on how many investors are following your strategies and how profitable they are. In this way everybody wins. We have created the perfect environment so that you can leave the marketing, platform development, data analysis, trade matching and liquidity sourcing to us, and focus only on what you do best.

FxPro SuperTrader Leader Risk Management Criteria

Before a strategy is approved for SuperTrader certain eligibility and risk management criteria need to be met to protect FxPro’s SuperTrader Clients. A prospective Leader’s strategy is evaluated by FxPro’s Business Development Department from the moment the first trade is opened and for a period of at least 30 days thereafter, during which a minimum of 20 trades should be executed. During the evaluation period the prospective Leader shall execute strategy from a live FxPro SuperTrader account funded by the prospective Leader. The Strategy will not be visible to SuperTrader users until it meets the approval criteria and an interview has been conducted with the prospective Leader. A Leader shall be notified of admittance on SuperTrader in writing. The following are the basic guidelines a Leader should abide by to safeguard and limit the risk of SuperTrader Strategy Copiers:
  • Reasonable risk-adjusted returns, as deemed at the discretion of the Company
  • Consistent strategy, both with regard to executed trades and executed strategies as compared to the Leader’s SuperTrader Leader Due Diligence Questionnaire
  • Possessing a reasonable exit strategy suited to the individual trading strategy The recommended risk management settings a Leader should aim to abide by are:
  • Limiting maximum drawdown to 50% of equity
  • Limiting the unrealised loss relative to balance at a maximum of 20%
  • Having a maximum account balance of USD 50,000, with no redeposit allowed without the prior notification of FxPro’s Business Development department.
FxPro’s automated reporting systems shall constantly monitor the strategies in order to track deviations from the above guidelines, recommendations and the trading characteristics stipulated in the SuperTrader Leader Due Diligence Questionnaire. When a Leader’s trading activity gets flagged, the Business Development Department shall review the activity on a case-by-case basis, directly contacting the Leader to discuss the reasons for the deviance. Repeated or excessive violation of the guidelines, recommendations or the trading characteristics recorded in the aforementioned questionnaire is grounds for removal of a Leader from SuperTrader. Should a removed Leader wish to reapply for a Leader position on SuperTrader, the admittance process needs to start over from the start.