Trading will never be the same again.

Whenever FxPro releases a new platform we like to take our time with it. We review the market, pay close attention to what online traders are saying, what they want, and what they have been complaining about. Then and only then; when we are good and ready… We change the game.

Who is it for?

  • A better question would be who is it not for?
  • Are you a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert trader?
  • Do you trade manually or algorithmically?
  • Are your algorithms off-the-shelf, or do you write your own?
  • Are you a scalper, day trader, swing trader, momentum trader?
  • Do you use trading signals or do you provide them?
  • Do you have an interest in the actual business of trading at all?

Read on because FxPro SuperTrader has been designed for all of you.

Top Daily Performance

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Top Weekly Performance

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How does it work?

FxPro SuperTrader is a platform that brings investors and strategy leaders together. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Investors have the capital. Leaders have the expertise.

FxPro provides the platform, trading infrastructure, performance data, and ensures that everything is fair and above board.

As an investor you have access to a list of approved strategies that are ranked by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance data. When choosing to copy a strategy, you can decide how much to invest and set your own risk management controls to it. Each copied strategy is placed in your portfolio and begins automatically trading on your behalf. FxPro SuperTrader empowers you to leave the trading to our growing list of leaders, while you focus on building your investments like a professional fund manager.

Why is it different?

Before FxPro SuperTrader, the main problem with signal services, strategy providers and mirror trading platforms, was the absence of a unified performance benchmark. You as an investor had no idea how credible a strategy’s claimed performance was. Now you do. FxPro SuperTrader requires every leader to undergo a strict application process that includes questionnaires, interviews and testing of their strategies. Even after passing these tests the performance of every strategy is constantly being monitored. Should they repeatedly fall below a certain performance threshold, or fail to comply with our own risk management criteria, they are removed from FxPro SuperTrader. In addition, FxPro SuperTrader is backed by FxPro’s Agency Model, meaning that there is no Dealing Desk to intervene between the positions taken by the strategies in your portfolio and the markets. FxPro does not act as counterparty, we do not trade against you and, most importantly, our revenues do not come from your losses. This means no conflicts of interest, we only earn commissions, you get a fairer deal, everybody benefits. Another point that other platform providers neglect to mention, is that most operate with a dealing desk, meaning that the broker offering you the service is intervening between the strategies in your portfolio and the markets. They are the counterparty, occasionally trading against you and, most importantly, profiting from your losses.

FxPro’s Agency Model is at the heart of FxPro SuperTrader.

This means no conflicts of interest, we only earn commissions, you get a fairer deal, we all benefit.

What’s in it for me?

FxPro SuperTrader is an extremely demanding environment for a strategy, only those that are consistently profitable survive. As an investor you have access to strategies that are forced to perform above a certain threshold and compete for your capital. This means that as more leaders come to the platform, the competition grows tougher and they are all forced to evolve As a strategy leader you have access to the most advanced platform of its kind, as well as our base of over 200,000 clients, and a superior trading infrastructure. You will earn commissions based on the volume traded by your followers, as well as performance fees on their profits. Also, every trade your strategies generate will go straight through to the market, which means faster trade execution, and a better price for both you and your followers.
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