FxPro SuperTrader is a cutting-edge investment platform that allows traders to identify and copy successful, risk-rated strategies of approved trade leaders.

All SuperTrader strategies must meet and sustain a set level of performance to be listed on the platform.

FxPro SuperTrader allows you to trade Forex without having to open and close positions yourself. Leaders provide the strategies, we risk-test them, you select the ones you find attractive and choose which ones to copy.

  • Detailed performance data helps you to identify the most profitable strategies.
  • Copy the most successful leaders and build your own FX portfolio by selecting up to 10 strategies at the same time.
  • Set your own maximum loss and trailing equity stops for each copied strategy.
  • Close individual positions or stop following a strategy at your own discretion.

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At the end of 2013 FxPro debuted FxPro SuperTrader, a unique investment platform that is changing the way that people access the FX market.